48 - “And if Thy Right Hand Offend Thee…”: Charlottesville Nazis & Eunuchs

August 23, 2017

We’re back!  Today on Jesus Christ That’s Funny, we’re talking about racism, dressing in drag, and ancient (and modern) eunuchs!  Also on the podcast- what happens when you’re a pacifist, and America plunges into a new civil war?  What would John Howard Yoder do?  Who knows, but we do get to hear Pastor Dwayne overcome Ethan’s cynical perspective through patient, nonviolent resistance!  Recorded on August 15, 2017.

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47 - Jesus Was an Anarchist

June 5, 2017

This afternoon on JCTF, we’re talking about anarchism, the penal system and rehabilitation, and whether drug prohibition is practical or moral at all!  Pastor Dwayne thinks America needs to grow up, and Ethan says we need to keep our childlike idealism but find ways of practically implementing it, like adults.  Plus- prostitution, healthcare, and “Christian insurance”! It’s the “ripped from the headlines” edition of Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!

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46 - Suffer the Children

May 20, 2017

We’re back after a hiatus and Dwayne is catching up with Ethan about his newest venture- comedy in drag! Then we dig right into some very hard issues as Dwayne talks about his experience providing pastoral care to and learning to practice forgiveness on a very difficult subject- a child molester. It’s hilarious! Just kidding- but it is actually a very engaging discussion from these two guys. Ethan challenges Dwayne on the nature of forgiveness, and Dwayne talks about his concerns with helping this particular child of God.  Plus- comedy in strip clubs!  Tune in now for a fascinating episode of Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!

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45 - Suffer the Deity

March 29, 2017

Heather the PR lady is taking pictures, and Pastor Dwayne is telling a long-winded story about bears. But what we are really here to talk about is whether it’s possible for God to “suffer”.  Can the infinite stub its toe? Can spacetime get the blues?  Ethan makes fun of Dwayne for being a theist, Dwayne cajoles Ethan for not sponsoring anyone in his program of recovery, and we find out what Buddhism and sociopathy have in common! Plus, we discuss the holocaust, the virtues of pain, and finding meaning by getting outside yourself and helping others.  It’s another feel-good edition of JCTF!  Listen now!  And, please, follow us on Twitter at @jctfpodcast.


44 - Funerals, Altar Calls, and Grace without Belief

March 17, 2017

It’s #JCTF and we’re back!  We talk about Dwayne’s struggle with vertigo, Ethan’s dizzyingly scandalous comedy projects, and try to update you on everything that’s been going on since we last recorded.  In particular, we’re discussing Ethan’s fundamentalist family again, because he’s recently returned from the funeral of his grandfather, who was an influential fundamentalist Baptist pastor.  We dig deep into Ethan’s childhood as he remembers being terrified at “altar calls” and not knowing whether he knew that he was “saved”.  And Pastor Dwayne tries to help us understand whether it’s possible to receive God’s grace without pinning down “salvation” as an object of knowledge.  It’s deep theology but it’s also deeply personal… and we hope deeply funny!  Listen now!

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43 - Selling for Jesus, OR, When the End-Times Don’t Justify the Means

January 22, 2017

Ethan talks about being terrified of Hell as a youngster, and how when fear of Hell is the primary motivation for evangelism, it can lead to unvirtuous techniques just to keep God’s “sales figures” up!  Turns out, behaving unvirtuously is is a bad habit if you want to become a virtuous person. Plus, science, abortion, and why talking politics is even more dismal than contemplating Hell! Finally, find out why Ethan’s mom is mad at him, and listen as he gives tribute to his grandfather, who was a Baptist preacher in Atlanta for nearly 50 years.


42 - Bearing False Witness; Meditations on Death

December 19, 2016

Today on the podcast, Ethan & Pastor Dwayne are in a heated disagreement!  The Pastor wants the Internet to ban fake news; Ethan says we’ll have to find some other way to win hearts and minds!  Plus, we talk more about Zygote Heaven, whether or not there’s such a thing as the soul, and the sweet relief of meditating on your own death!  It’s a thanatological pre-Christmas episode, and Jesus Christ, that’s Funny!  Write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


41 - Pizzagate & Zygote Heaven

December 12, 2016

Dwayne wants to talk about politics again, so it’s Pizzagate for dinner!  Ethan doesn’t know much about it, so it will have to be explained (while he fixes an audio problem.  Turns out Dwayne is upset about the effect fake news stories are having on the political process in America.  Ethan says, hey, don’t blame the fake newscasters, blame the people reading and spreading the information.  In other words, Judge Thy Neighbor!  Dwayne’s not sure about this, but after all, isn’t this similar to the Pro-Life Evangelicals’ single-minded pursuit of the overturning of abortion on demand, using any means at all to justify their “sanctified” end?  The point is that these people are morally culpable, and, that means… But hey, wait a minute!  Ain’t this a comedy show?  Don’t worry, we’ve got jokes, and find out what Zygote Heaven is.  We promise, Jesus Christ, it’s Funny!  Tweet at us at @jctfpodcast on Twitter!


40 - Time for Tough Love

November 22, 2016

It’s JCTF and Ethan & Dwayne are talking about the election of Donald J. Trump!  Let’s be honest, we were surprised about the outcome.  So: Does Donald Trump’s popularity say something about the lack of moral values in America today?  Pastor Dwayne says yes; Ethan is not so sure.  Either way, we think it’s time for a little “tough love” for Americans as this election gives us a reality check about where we really are.  And speaking of tough love, we’re talking about whether it works for addicts:  Can you help someone get sober by taking a hard line?  Ethan will convince Dwayne to come around to his way of thinking on this-- but you’ll be surprised how it all turns out.  Oh, and hear about hitting bottom behind a dumpster!  Jesus Christ, That’s Funny! Tweet to us at @JCTFpodcast on Twitter!


39 - Sell All That You Have & Give to the Poor

November 15, 2016

This week, Pastor Dwayne Black and Comedian Ethan Moore are talking about what happens when your life takes an unexpected turn and you lose your material possessions.  Dwayne’s trying to help a woman who has just gone from riches to rags, and Ethan talks about his story of recovery and the joys of downsizing and letting go of the fancy stuff.  Not to be glib, but doesn’t that make it easier to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, anyway?  Find out!  Plus, hanging on to the past for the sake of humility.  Write us at jesuchristthatsfunny@gmail.com