Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 28 - The Bible and Homosexuality!

June 27, 2016

Does God hate the gays?  In today’s episode, we talk about why so many Christians seem to think the Bible condemns homosexuality.  We’ll find out the real deal with Sodom and Gomorrah, the prohibitions in Leviticus, and the New Testament verses that discuss male-on-male relations.  And Pastor Dwayne gives his take on what Jesus would think about homosexuality.

Plus, local church scandals, stealing theology from A.A., and Ethan and Dwayne share an uncomfortable disagreement about the definition of sex!  All that and more, on today’s Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!

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Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 27 - The Garden of Relationships

June 12, 2016

On today’s show, Ethan is eating cookies on the air and we’re talking about relationships!  Is it better to look at them as an exchange of benefits, or as a shared garden?  Also, Pastor Dwayne wants to know more about Ethan’s sexual orientation; he claims to be straight, but he does have a large and growing gay following. Hmmm.   Also, polyamory, 12th-step recovery and asking for forgiveness.  Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!

And coming up next week, we finally answer a question inspired by last week’s guest, Dr. Anna’s Lepeley:  Why do people think God doesn’t like gay people?


Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 26 - Dr. Anna Lepeley; Does God hate the gays?

June 1, 2016

Today on Jesus Christ That’s Funny, we’ve still got Dr. Anna Lepeley in the Sanctuary studios!!  We’ll talk about Ethan’s musical taste, and whether or not God really hates the gays. (Pastor Dwayne has the inside scoop!)  Plus, gay weddings, marital counseling, and behind the scenes at the Butch and Femme Comedy Tour photoshoot!  Dr. Anna is a great guest and we’ve got amazing chemistry on the podcast today, and Jesus Christ, that’s funny!  


Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 25 - Dr. Anna Lepeley, Hopeless Romantic (With a fear of commitment)

May 24, 2016

Today on Jesus Christ That’s Funny, our guest is comedian and author Dr. Anna Lepeley!  She’ll discuss her and Ethan’s platonic love affair, the Kinsey scale of sexual orientation, and why Ethan was dressed in drag for a recent photoshoot!  We’ll also talk about homophobia, how to work out safely, and challenging expectations in the comedy world.  And find out why Dr. Anna is a hopeless romantic with a fear of commitment.  Hear it all, right now on Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!


Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 24 - All You Need Is Love

May 16, 2016

Today on Jesus Christ That’s Funny, it’s all about love!  We’re talking about Ethan’s confrontation with Newsgirl Maymay from Sex on Kava (, and her lack of belief in love.  Pastor Dwayne will enlighten us about the different Hebrew words for love and the different shades of emotion they represent.  We’ll talk about one night stands, revenge, campaigning for president in prison, and how to find the perfect mate.  Can you open your heart?  That’s the question today, only on Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!

Also, don’t forget to listen to find out the only way you can get into Heaven!


Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 23 - The Devil!

May 10, 2016

Well, we’ve finally come to it-- today’s topic is… the Devil!  First of all, we want to know, who are all these people who are Satan fans?  Plus Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Salem Witch Trials, and real Satanists.  Ethan will talk about being called to the ministry of comedy, Pastor Dwayne will talk about an evolving interpretation of God, and finally, we preview next week’s topic… Love!

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Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 22 - It’s all about Relationships

May 2, 2016

On today's podcast, Ethan and Pastor Dwayne talk about outlaw country, desperation, and the realest thing in life: Relationships. Ethan tells us about the joys of having a lesbian as a best friend, and about his upcoming tour with Dr. Anna Lepeley, the Butch and Femme Comedy Tour. Plus we hear about how to do comedy wrong, and dealing with hecklers-- both in comedy clubs and in church! Jesus Christ, that's Funny! Write us at


Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 21 - What is Faith?

April 26, 2016

Today on Jesus Christ That’s Funny, Ethan and Pastor Dwayne talk about why we haven’t heard from them in a little while, and why Ethan looks so pale these days!  The pastor tells us about stealing the 12 steps from recovering addicts, and then we get to today’s main topic, faith.  What is it, how do you get it, and does it really keep you from feeling that the cosmos is a bleak, bleak place?  Also, find out Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama’s tickle fights! Jesus Christ, that’s funny.


Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 20 - American Politics; Guest Ethan’s Mom

April 4, 2016

Today on the podcast, we’ve got Ethan’s mom as our guest.  We’ll talk about violence, humor, and making America great again.  (But wait, isn’t America already great?)  Also, Pastor Dwayne will tell us why he didn’t confess his political affiliations to Emily during episodes 17 and 18. Then Ethan will take it upon himself to speak for all Millennials and explain to his mom why they’re disillusioned with the political process.  (And why are there only two political parties anyway? Why not some other number... like zero?) Finally, Ethan’s got an offer for the good folks at the Coca-Cola company.  Yes, we talk about politics this week, but no, we don’t have any answers, and Jesus Christ, is that funny!


Jesus Christ That’s Funny - 19 - Guest Ethan’s Mom!

March 25, 2016

It’s Good Friday and we’ve got a special episode of Jesus Christ, That’s Funny, for you! Ethan’s mom is in the house, and she’ll spill the beans on his family history, including his grandfather who was a minister and had a radio show; what Ethan was like in high school; and why he was such a tough kid to raise!  Plus:  Gossip, meditation, yoga, and water skiing... plus lots of jokes!  All right here, and Jesus Christ, is that Funny!