40 - Time for Tough Love

November 22, 2016

It’s JCTF and Ethan & Dwayne are talking about the election of Donald J. Trump!  Let’s be honest, we were surprised about the outcome.  So: Does Donald Trump’s popularity say something about the lack of moral values in America today?  Pastor Dwayne says yes; Ethan is not so sure.  Either way, we think it’s time for a little “tough love” for Americans as this election gives us a reality check about where we really are.  And speaking of tough love, we’re talking about whether it works for addicts:  Can you help someone get sober by taking a hard line?  Ethan will convince Dwayne to come around to his way of thinking on this-- but you’ll be surprised how it all turns out.  Oh, and hear about hitting bottom behind a dumpster!  Jesus Christ, That’s Funny! Tweet to us at @JCTFpodcast on Twitter!


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