41 - Pizzagate & Zygote Heaven

December 12, 2016

Dwayne wants to talk about politics again, so it’s Pizzagate for dinner!  Ethan doesn’t know much about it, so it will have to be explained (while he fixes an audio problem.  Turns out Dwayne is upset about the effect fake news stories are having on the political process in America.  Ethan says, hey, don’t blame the fake newscasters, blame the people reading and spreading the information.  In other words, Judge Thy Neighbor!  Dwayne’s not sure about this, but after all, isn’t this similar to the Pro-Life Evangelicals’ single-minded pursuit of the overturning of abortion on demand, using any means at all to justify their “sanctified” end?  The point is that these people are morally culpable, and, that means… But hey, wait a minute!  Ain’t this a comedy show?  Don’t worry, we’ve got jokes, and find out what Zygote Heaven is.  We promise, Jesus Christ, it’s Funny!  Tweet at us at @jctfpodcast on Twitter!


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