38 - Halloween & The Virtues of Being Dumb!

October 31, 2016

It’s Halloween and Pastor Dwayne & Ethan are talking about Christian haunted houses, razor blades, and poison candy!  Pastor Dwayne points out that Ethan is a lot different than he was 20 years ago and Ethan agrees-- he’s getting dumber!  But it’s not all bad:  Listen as Ethan expounds the virtues of dumbness, and why being in recovery makes him harder to scare on Halloween.  It’s the Devil’s Holiday Edition of Jesus Christ That’s Funny!  Happy Halloween! Write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


37 - Fake it Till You Make It!

October 25, 2016

Today Pastor Dwayne & Ethan are finding out whether just showing up in the pew gets you closer to Heaven!  And Ethan is worried about all this focus on “raising consciousness”.... is it possible that consciousness is actually getting in the way of our happiness?  We’re also talking about eternity, drug-induced trips to Hell, and comedy as a duty to God!  Strap in for an especially metaphysical episode… Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!  And write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


36 - What Trumps Jesus?

October 15, 2016

Today Pastor Dwayne and Ethan are talking about Hurricane Matthew, sexual politics, and evangelical Christians who are voting for Trump.  The Pastor has a hard time understanding this, but Ethan thinks it all comes down to a very simple issue: Abortion.  We talk about Liberty University students standing up to their administration, theologian Gilbert Meilaender and nuances in the abortion debate, and whether it’s OK to cede the moral high ground if you’re a single-issue voter.  Plus, Ethan stands up for marital infidelity and divorce, much to the Pastor’s chagrin, and Jesus Christ, that is funny!  Write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


35 - Starbucks, Mint Julep Mosquitos, and the Ottoman Empire

September 26, 2016

Today Pastor Dwayne and Ethan are talking about Heidegger, Nazis, Mint Julep Mosquitos, and theocracy.  Also, Dwayne tricks Ethan into talking about politics and the history of Western imperialism in the Middle East!  Plus, are 9/11 jokes funny yet?  And meet Starbucks, your new moral paragon!  Jesus Christ, That IS Funny!  Write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


34 - Strippers & Coincidences

September 20, 2016

Today on JCTF, Dwayne keeps mentioning how much “courage” Ethan has for his “comedy”, but it seems like there’s a subtext!  We’re also discussing whether there are coincidences or not… and Ethan finally makes that apology he’s been talking about for weeks.  Plus we’re talking about carrying the message of sobriety and recovery… into strip clubs!  And Jesus Christ, That’s Funny!  Write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com.


33 - Poem of Creation

September 11, 2016

Today on JCTF we’re talking about religious metaphors, death and standup comedy in the Deep South.  Dwayne & Ethan are trying once again to understand the poem of creation, the afterlife, and consciousness, and this time, they completely solve all of these issues!  (Just kidding. But they do manage to figure out that neither of one of them is afraid of death, but for completely different reasons, so, all in all, not too shabby!) And Pastor Dwayne explains why he thinks that rituals are empty and he’s not so sure about the miracles of Jesus...  Which Ethan thinks is pretty rich, coming from a black-coated clergyman! Jesus Christ, that’s funny!

Write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


32 - Spiritual Grit Part Two: This time it’s Personal!

August 30, 2016

Today on Jesus Christ That’s Funny, Pastor Dwayne and Ethan try not to get sidetracked as they attempt to define spiritual grit for the second time! For Ethan, the passive aspects of spirituality come easily, but when actual work is required, he has a hard time! Listen as Pastor Dwayne tries to cure him of his laziness and narcissism by assigning him people to help.  Plus, find out whether all dogs really do go to heaven and what happens when the pastor tries to tell jokes from the pulpit. All right now on JCTF… Jesus Christ, that’s funny! Write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


31 - Spiritual Grit!

August 22, 2016

Today on Jesus Christ That’s Funny, Pastor Dwayne try to tackle the issue of “Spiritual Grit” but keep getting sidetracked by politics, laziness, and self-abuse!  Listen as we try to uncover the key to avoiding negative spiritual patterns and finding a natural rhythm of life.  However, we’re only moderately successful because we can’t even seem to record this episode without distracted and losing focus, and Jesus Christ, is that funny! (And ironic.)  Write us and tell us what we’re doing wrong at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com


30 - Jesus was a politician? We finally tackle the 2016 US election!

August 15, 2016

Today on JCTF, Pastor Dwayne wants to talk about a subject Ethan has been trying for months to avoid: Politics and the 2016 elections!  But it’s not what you think. Find out whether the message of Jesus is political, and if so, which side he’s on!  And hear Ethan and Dwayne question the whole system in the most anti-democratic episode of Jesus Christ, That’s Funny, ever!  We’re not sure how funny politics is as a topic, but there are some jokes!  Listen now, and write us at jesuschristthatsfunny@gmail.com!


29 - Balancing Dual Roles and Failing at Ethics

August 10, 2016

We’re back!  Ethan and Dwayne are catching up on what’s been going on while they’ve been on hiatus. Mainly Ethan’s been traveling, and he’ll tell us about his trip to Chicago to attend Podcast Movement, see some improv shows, and meet Dwayne’s sister Allison!  Then Pastor Dwayne digs into Ethan’s psyche to find out what went wrong on his other podcast, Sex on Kava, a few weeks ago.  (As usual, Ethan is at fault!) Also, some good news, we’re being featured next week on Podbean!  Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to give us a review on iTunes and write us at sexonkava@gmail.com.